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Cynthia Y. Brown has 12 plus years in the temporary staffing & employment industry. Her experience includes owning and
managing an employment agency in San Diego, California and Las Vegas, Nevada. She has hired many employees 
during her time in staffing.  Her greatest achievements are contracting with large and small companies. She has been able to assist, place and support job seekers in administrative and technical employment contracting positions. She has created and designed award winning resumes for job seekers that led to employment. Her current employment solutions includes; 
Resume & Writing Services / Employment job seeker - Employer Consulting Support / Staffing Employment / Job Posting for employers, Advantage Solutions Employment Inc. is an equal opportunity employer, other staff are available when contracting.

Staffing Services: are in the areas of IT Services, Software Publishers, Data Processing, Applications Processors, 
Data Processing Support Services. Also, Clerical Administrative Support / Management Support Services, 
Network Administrators, Data Base Design, Internet Developers, and System Analysis. 

Our Mission: is to provide employers with the best personnel related to staffing for their employment needs. With these four employment services Employer job posting, staffing, consulting, and resume services, we can create, assist, and design a better workforce community for our job seekers and we can help your company find the best talent available in San Diego and Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

For Your Benefit: We can save your company time and money by placing skilled and reliable applicants, some applicants will have a college degree for a position, No fee - Temp to Hire, your company can benefit greatly after the assignment or contract is over there is no fee to convert temporary to permanent status Direct hire-available for employers that are searching for permanent employees. There is a 15% fee of employee annual income for all permanent staffing, for temporary and direct hire agreements must be in writing.

The Benefits: in using Advantage Solutions Employment Inc. are paid services by Advantage Solutions Employment Inc.
Bonding Surety CNA Insurance - Dishonesty Employee - Active   
General Liability - 
Workman's Compensation Insurance  provided by California-State Compensation Insurance Fund - Administrative / Engineering active 
Unemployment Insurance  once employees are hired account will be active,
Employee taxes IRS- Internal Revenue Service - Active
Qualified Job Seekers, Resume ServicesEmployment Consulting Services, Equal Opportunity Employer
A plus rating with the BBB  Member since 2015  Active
Temp to Hire- no fee to hire the temp employee once the temporary assignment is completed. 

 Certifications - License - Memberships

 City Of San Diego Certificate  Business License Tax Certificate Dept. 2010003336 San Diego, CA  Active

 State of California S. Corporation 3322492  Active

 City of Los Angeles Business Tax Registration Certificate  0002999664-0001-9  Active Los Angeles, CA

SAM.gov / Self certified- Small Disadvantage Business / SBA- HUBZONE Business Area / Certified Active 
SBA - Verified - Certified Documents WOSB and EDWOSB - sam.gov active
sam.gov registered 2010- January 2019 active SBA / Small Business Dynamic Search Data Base

California CUCP California Department of Transportation DBE - 39273 active

State of California Small Business Certification Program SBE- Dept of General Service Administration Micro Business 1388760 Active

WMBE - Supplier Diversity Program / CPUC - The Supplier Clearing House12030111 Active

Member Better Business Bureau, San Diego, CA since 2015 Active

Advantage Solutions Employment is a Small Minority Woman Owned Business Enterprise / 
You must request a Certificate of Insurance, Certifications, License, and Duns number in writing.
Disadvantage Business Enterprise. Cynthia Brown Owner is the system administrator software engineer.

Cynthia Brown - Former sole owner of Professional Temporary Employment Service in Las Vegas, Nevada and
San Diego, California from 1994 to the year 2000 an assistant office manager helped with hiring personnel. 

1994-1997- Professional Temporary Employment Service/ Supplier / Subcontractor 1055 E. Tropicana Suite 400 
Las Vegas NV 89104 Service Sub Contractor / Supplier- Las Vegas Clients / References for staffing include 
employment placement temporary positions - Reynolds Electrical & Engineering Company, Nevada Power Company, 
Las Vegas Valley Water District, Sprint Central Telephone Company, House Hold Finance Card Services, Waken- Hut Security Services, Regional Transportation Commission, Raytheon Services of Nevada, U.S. Postal Services and many more.  All positions was in Clerical Administration, Data Processing, Customer Service, Accounting, & Computer Applications. Member of the Minority Supplier Development council 1995-1997 Supplier Clearing House- Certified 
Supplier 1995 -1997  Better Business Bureau Member 1995 -1997. Most Staffing contracts accounts were financed thru Rivera Finance, other accounts was finance thru Professional Temporary Employment Service Cynthia Brown. Previous DUNS number 883210742 

1998 - 2000 - Professional Temporary Employment Service was restarted in San Diego, California
1850 5th Avenue San Diego, California 92101  Supplier - Clients reference for employment staffing placement include: 
San Diego Transit, Primary Care Associates, San Diego Surveyors, Rent a Center, and more. Previous DUNS # 883210742
Gaps between employment from 2000 to 2010 Cynthia Brown worked for the state of California and spent time raising her daughter.

 2010 to March 31st 2017 - Advantage Solutions Employment Inc. 1850 5th Avenue  Suite C San Diego, CA 92101 / 
 Supplier Sub-Consultant / Client References for staffing employment placement references include Rick Engineering Co.
 San Diego, CA 2013 - ( 4 )employees including owner - management, Positions Data Field Collectors, Temp Positions. 2012 
 San Diego Transit MTS Supplier ( 2 ) Employees including owner management, position - Customer Service -Temp position.
 Advantage Solutions Employment Inc. - New address as of April 1st 2017 402 W. Broadway Suite 400 San Diego CA 92101

 Added area / Los Angeles, CA address for business  Home office 402 W. Broadway Suite 400 San Diego, CA phone  voice mail number ( 213  325 - 1734 ) meet up location down town city of Los Angeles please email for an appointment.

 Certificates Awards
 Advantage Solutions Employment have 2 job fair certificates / from EDD Employment Development
 Department in San Diego, California. 
 Honor a Veteran job & resource fair November, 2010S.A.V.E Youth Mentor Save our youth job fair April, 2010
 U.S. General Services Administration Certificate of Completion November 2015,GSA 
 Pathway to Success Educational Seminar.


          DBA  Advantage Solutions Employment Inc.
 Location - Emerald Plaza Office Suites 4th Floor Regus 402 W. Broadway Suite 400 San Diego, CA 92101 
               Phone  619 321-6882

     Appointments Only, Best Employment 
      and  staffing solutions
Staffing Clerical Administration / Management Services,  IT Staffing  Services, Software Engineering  Professional Services, Data Processing Services

For Employers, Clients, Employer Solicitations: websites and listings, only search under your internet browser,
BBB, official website of Advantage Solutions Employment Incorporation for information if needed. There are
other similar business listings on the internet with similar names but not the same name as Advantage Solutions Employment Inc.

 Advantage Solutions Employment Inc. would like to thank you for taking the time in reading about this company. 
 Address Emerald Plaza  402 W. Broadway Suite  400 San Diego, CA 92101  new- phone number 619-321-6882

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For job seekers - Dress for success you may never get a second to make a first impression.

The key to success regarding employment is communication.
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use email address contact@advantagesolutionsemployment.com  to make an appointment for the Los Angeles area at 515 S. Flowers St.  

Once you make an appointment the appointment has to be confirmed for clients, for job seekers appointments are when employment becomes available.
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 Cynthia Brown / Owner  / Founder / Manager